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Recording New Tunes!  (7/15/2011 1:00 PM)
Sitting down at the piano and writing music takes me to another world, where space and time lose their meaning.

Hearing a song come to life on stage, whether it's just me and the keys or with a full band, is a magical experience.

And recording, now that's an adventure! Taking the time to slowly and mindfully create a recording that tells a story is where the adventure begins. But, more than just lyrics and a melody, recording allows you to create a story that slowly unfolds, layer after layer, with subtleties that aren't always possible when playing a live show.

I'm currently working with phenomenal percussionist and producer Benjamin Schaefer at North House Studios. For those of you who have witnessed Benjamin playing percussion at one of our live shows, you know that he plays with an unmatched passion and intensity. He brings this same passion and intensity into the studio and whether he is laying down his own percussion, offering creative insight, or mixing down a track, it is a privilege to work with him.

I hope that the new tracks will be ready for your ears soon.... Stay tuned!
  • Comments (2)
    • By: Lindsey Bartelt2/20/2018 12:31:57 PM
      Julie, I have been trying to contact you to see if I am book you this April, however the email via this page is not working for me. Can you contact me at Thank you!! Lindsey
      By: Dan S.7/15/2011 2:02:47 PM
      Awesome! Looking forward to some new material!