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Julie's Story So Far...
Julie Oehme emerged on the music scene in 2008, captivating audiences with a solid collection of sensitive and resonant original music. Always a generous performer, Julie rewards the focused listener – and penetrates the bar-haze hustle – by combining folk-rock and soul delivered with commanding vocals, memorable piano grooves and lyrical storytelling.

Julie’s writing style is often compared to artists like John Mayer and Sarah McLachlan. Her vocal style may remind you of Joss Stone or Sara Bareilles; Melissa Etheridge or Fiona Apple. One example of Julie's broad appeal is that she become a regional finalist in America's largest country music talent search - with alumni that include Martina McBride and LeAnne Rimes.

Julie’s music is intuitive yet headstrong; relaxed yet risky. A pianist since the age of 5 – and writing music since 12 – Julie’s keyboard artistry prepares your emotional canvas with bold bass lines and delicate melodic strolls. Her powerful voice then paints brilliant and poignant pictures of love, love lost, love lasting and life lived richly.

Her songs sing volumes about Julie’s passion, courage and vulnerability. She is singing of everyone. She is singing only to you. She leaves no story unspoken; no joyful experience or shattered emotion unexposed. As each song takes on a life of its own, you can own each one as if you’ve heard it forever.

Julie released her first EP, The Situation, in 2009 and plans to release her first full-length album in 2011.